Retro Challenge - 2014 SC - Day 27

Countdown To Failure...

Well its not been going very well on the challenge, probably going to have to concede defeat unless something amazing happens before the weekend.

Another summer of customers projects getting in the way.

Still determined to carry on with the project and actually end up with a fully working system. All of the key blocks are in place it just requires me having much more time available to do stuff.

Tandata Terminal

I did get round to looking at the Tandata TD1100 terminal I bought from eBay a while ago.
It fires up but I just get a black screen on the TV.

It's looking like something is goosed on the machine, according to a manual I found on line it should bring up a dialling menu.
Might strip it down and test the connections etc on the board, can't see anything fried or damaged.