Retro Challenge - 2013 Summer Challenge

A little late to the table but this time I'm trying to do something for the Retro Challenge.

I had planned to do something a bit more interesting but due to other commitments I've had to tone down my intentions.

So I intend to try to do some of the following...

1) Setup my Acorn collection to dial up via my PBX and connect to the internet (this may include my reasonably rare Acorn communicator).

2) Wire up some serial cables and setup several machines for the Risc OS North West meeting so we can play retro games via serial linkup.

3) Configure a machine (probably and A5000) to use as an Econet to Ethernet (and possibly dialup) gateway and file server.

4) Archive (disk image and photograph) some of the large amount of Acorn documentation, disks and other stuff that I have.

5) Work on some other secret Acorn related projects (these were my original ideas for the RC so may be kept for next year).

The intention is to at least manage to setup the dialup and configure several machines for RONWUG, the other tasks are currently ongoing so will be time fillers if I manage to complete the first items.

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