Retro Challenge - 2014 WW - Day 31

This Is The End...

...for now.

I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made. The foundation stones for the system are all in place but I need to continue with the project for a few months to get everything implemented.

Several things as usual got in the way, Work being the main one.
I'm still waiting for a few items to be delivered, I've got a Prestel ROM for the BBC ordered but its not arrived in time, I thought the Prestel system would work with the CommStar software but it doesn't so I'll give it a go once that arrives.
Also on order are a bunch of domino DIN plugs for the BBC to create various serial leads for the modems, once these arrive I'll spend some time building a few serial cables and wiring up the Prism and Nightingale modems. I've installed CommStar in the BBC already and it works great.

The next step is to finish the terminal emulator and put it on a web page so that everyone can access the BBS via the web. I've got the terminal working pretty well but it needs a bit of polishing and converting to Silverlight to run in a web page.

Anyway Retro Challenge has given me the boost I needed to pull my finger out and actually do something cool so I'm intending to keep working on the project as much as I can so watch this space.

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