Retro Challenge - 2014 SC - Day 1

Wanting To Start...

Well its gone Midnight and I'd love to be starting on my project but am currently working various things that need doing for customers.
Just got back from holiday yesterday so its going to be a few days before I get started on the project.

Cool Projects This Time Round

Well we have a good number of entries this time round, I've had a good look through and can't wait for the blogs to start updating.


Turtles are cool, I have one of the old ones that looks like a turtle (valiant), needs a little attention but I have the IR interface for the BBC.
Can't wait to see what you come up with. Needs to be programmed using LOGO though Smile


Modula 2, now that brings back memories of my college days.
Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Amiga.


Doom brings back great memories for me, remember setting up a network with multiplayer doom and a custom map of the building we were in.
Would like to see Duke Nukem 3D as well as that was great in multiplayer.


Never heard of the Northstar Horizon so will be looking forward to seeing you resurrect the machine.


Its great to find those old bits of code you started as a kid, looks cool already.
Will be amazing to see it when you finish it off.


Firstly I'm extremely jealous that you have a PDP11 with drives to clean, will be interesting to see what's required to clean them up using DECs procedures.
Creating a ROM monitor sounds cool, why use someone else's when you can make your own especially if you have built the hardware from scratch as well, Nice.


With no Internet to get in the way you will probably get more done, can't wait to see what you get working etc.
Wire the smartphone up to a machine and use as a modem to connect to my BBS Smile


Always nice to have a Mac being restored. There's something great about the old Macs, the new ones are just shiny toy versions.


Not content with one platform he goes all in and is creating for 3.
Will be cool to see the differences between the platforms when you are porting your games.


More cool Apple stuff, a web server running on an old Mac is always a cool sight.


Not content with his current programming languages Michael is creating a new improved version of Basic.
Cool new commands and a new parser, can't wait to see how its done.


Throwing himself in the deep end and keeping it all original by only using the hardware available in the 1980's this looks to be a cool project with lots of challenges.


Can't wait to see the new computer centre once he's moved all his stuff.
I'm currently moving in with my girlfriend and am trying to figure out how to bring the large quantity of retro computing into the house, hopefully might learn some tricks here.


Taking stuff apart is always good, just remember the extra screws aren't really needed when it goes back together.
Will be interesting to see what he manages to play with.


Continuing on his Fahrfall game which already looks great. 
Not happy with distributing his game via tape or disk, seems to be looking at creating cartridges instead, very cool.


Working on the age old problem of data rot, loading up data from old disks and archiving the information is something that we all should do but rarely get round to until its too late.
Lots of added complexity in that the system required is a DEC rainbow.


This is probably my favourite project so far this time round.
Creating an emulator for the WITCH machine is a huge undertaking but the lad is only in the 8th grade, this is exactly what the youth of today should be doing with their time instead of Xbox etc Smile.


Creating anything with LEDs is awesome, can't wait to see the final outcome.


After some cool stuff in the last RetroChallenge he's back trying something that is completely nuts, executing Z80 code in MS-DOS on a DEC rainbow.
I didn't realise that the Rainbow can execute both 8088 and Z80 code, will be closely following out of interest.


VT100 always was let down by the lack of flyi8ng toasters, hopefully that may now be fixed.


If at first you don't succeed cheat, with a cool editor for altering saved games on a RPG called Questron Coronax can do just that.


If successful he'll end up with a whopping 24K of memory available on his Ohio Scientific Challenger 4P, well worth a cool project this time round.


Combining programming and beer, sounds like a winning combination.


A Nintendo in a toaster, don't think I need to describe how awesome this is.


Focusing on the Atari 2600 and hopefully coming up with a new game or hardware device, can't wait.

Good Luck everyone...

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