BBS Throttle

Simulating 300bps Via Telnet

FozzTexx who runs the /r/retrobattlestations subreddit and Level 29 BBS was looking for a way to throttle telnet sessions to his BBS. He wanted to simulate the connection at 300bps.

As part of my ViewData BBS system I added in the facility to throttle the speed of the connection to give an accurate feel to way that it used to look.

Another item that is implemented is a way to pass through to an external BBS thus allowing me to either throttle or dial into telnet only ViewData BBSs.

My system was designed to handle ViewData only so I did a few adjustments and created a proxy service that will allow the connection to another BBS but will throttle the speed.


To connect to the Level 29 BBS with throttling enabled you can telnet (RAW) to the following ports...

Connect to -

Port 6000 - 300bps
Port 7000 - 1200bps
Port 8000 - 2400bps

When I get the time I might add in a menu system to allow connection to other BBS systems.



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