Retro Challenge - 2017/10 - Day 31


Well didn't really manage to find the time to do anything on my project this time round. Various issues got in the way.

  • Work - Ended up using every spare moment to work on paid projects :(
  • House - We've only recently moved into a new house so there are loads of things that I need to do before our family arrive at Christmas.
    Things like running ethernet cable and setting up access points for the Wifi.
  • Required Items - As we've moved house most of the stuff I needed for my projects were in storage. Unfortuantly not near the house anymore (used to be just round the corner) so i've not had chance to visit the storage locker to get anything.
  • Power Supply - The power supply on the modem didn't work, i've ordered and received an new one but not had chance to use it.


I'm still wanting to sort out my machine once and for all so i'm hopefully going to try and continue with everything and hope that i've finished before the next Retro Challenge in April.

Anyway good to read everyone's blog and see the cool stuff that people have managed to created.

See you all next time in April (hopefully a bit more successful that time around).