Retrochallenge - 2019/03 - Day 30

Partial Success

Well I knew that this time around I'd probably not get much done due to various things getting in the way. I at least managed to actually set everything up and run the machine but hardware failure on the tape side prevented me from getting much further. I really want to backup both boxes before I reinstall anything.

I wanted to strip the tape drive down and have a look to see if I can see the issue, unfortuantly due to my office being turned into a nursery for our soon to be born son I've had to pack most of my stuff into boxes and dump it in the garage for now. 

My next Retrochallenge may be to actually turn the garage into a decent space for my office / retro computing.

Look forward to reading though everyone's blogs when I get the chance. Hopefully see you all towards the end of the year for the next instalment.

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